Sustainability comes in economic, as well as environmental terms.  The combination has never been more poignant for securing a robust farm business. 

Devon cattle are renowned for their foraging ability in a wide variety of situations; calving regularly and producing progeny that thrives on minimal inputs while producing premium beef.  Low maintenance coupled with quality output is a double-earner.        

Cows are medium sized and excel in grass systems, are fertile and calve easily.  Milkiness is a prized trait within the breed, ensuring calves get off to a flying start. 

Bulls pass their ‘good-doer’ genetics to progeny, ensuring youngstock thrive.  Purebred birthweights of 35-40kg make for easy calving, of particular consequence when cross-breeding.

The Devon is famed for its docile temperament: ‘a pleasure to work with’ and probably a contributor to DLWGs!