Red Ruby Devon Cattle Part of farming’s future

Often referred to as Red Rubies due to their deep red-brown colour, Devon cattle are a native breed originating from The Westcountry.

With a rich history and wide geographic spread, the Devon national herd is thriving – producing premium beef on forage systems.

From suckler cows to terminal sire, pedigree to crossbred; the Devon is versatile and reliable.

Increasing pressure on farming systems for low-input, environmentally sustainable production is driving an increased interest in future-proofing livestock enterprises with Devon cattle – the viable solution.

The Devon Cattle Breeders Society is the home of Red Rubies. Beyond nurturing the breed’s integrity and cultivating members’ interests, the society aims to take Devon cattle out into mainstream agriculture as part of farming’s future.


Sustainability comes in economic terms as well as environmentally. The combination has never been
more poignant for securing a robust farm business.
Devon cattle are renowned for their foraging ability in a wide variety of situations; calving regularly
and producing progeny that thrives on minimal inputs while producing premium beef. Low
maintenance coupled with quality output is a double-earner.

Cows are medium sized and excel in grass systems, are fertile and calve easily. Milkiness is a prized
trait within the breed, ensuring calves get off to a flying start.

Bulls pass their ‘good-doer’ genetics to progeny, ensuring youngstock thrive. Purebred birthweights
of 35-40kg make for easy calving, of particular consequence when cross-breeding.

The Devon is famed for its docile temperament: ‘a pleasure to work with’ and probably a contributor
to DLWGs!