Are you looking for an ideal terminal sire?  An amiable fellow that puts dairy heifers 100% in-calf in a tight block?  That throws good-doers with unassisted calvings? 

Or casting your eye around the native breeds for a bull that will produce crossbred suckler replacements?  That turn into low maintenance, steady cows that repeatedly produce the goods: no fuss.

The benefits of a Devon may be the very reason the breed is sometimes overlooked – when everything’s going right: life’s pretty unremarkable.  It’s usually unfortunate incidents that make the news, and Devon cattle don’t make those type of headlines…

Red Ruby progeny are the cattle that stay contented at pasture; that are a pleasure to handle in the yard and only surprise the uninitiated with their growth and finish from grass.     

What Can a Devon Bull do?

Fertility: catch maximum numbers of females in calf, within a short time frame; therefore tightening up calving blocks.  The fertility of the Red Ruby Devon bull has long been recognised by the cattle industry – it is now as good as ever.  A Devon bull is also a true, medium sized animal: offering real commercialbility; with all the desirable aspects of a native breed. 

Calving Ease: minimise assisted calvings. ‘Easy-calver’ is the Devon bull’s middle name: reducing stress in cows and improving subsequent productivity.

High Daily Weight Gain of Calves: improve youngstock’s daily live weight gains from grass. Devon progeny inherit the prominent grass conversion trait.  This is one of the chief benefits of using a Devon within a commercial herd – for efficiency.  Devon crosses typically finish within the same time and to the same weight as, say, purebred continentals; but do so on considerably less feed. 

Docile Temperament: all bulls require appropriate handling, but the Devon makes it easy. Well known for his docile temperament, the Devon bull is quiet at pasture and in the yard.  The Devon bull also passes on his quiet temperament, making calves and youngstock easy to handle as well as being natural ‘good doers’.

Superior Carcass Traits: add value: premium markets are open to cross-bred (as well as pure) Red Ruby beef.  All Devon sired primestock benefit from the finely grained beef which ensures tenderness and succulence.  The marbling (from intra-muscular fat) gives the beef great flavour and enhances the cooking process, completed with an outer layer of fat: enabling the carcass to be hung longer for enhanced tenderisation. 

These facts are widely recognised within the food retail and catering industries.