The Devon Cattle Breeders Society is lead and managed by an elected Board of Council Members, who’s role is to maintain and protect the breed.

The elections take place on an annual basis with the results announced at the AGM. Elected members stand for a three-year term and must have a year off of Council before standing to be re-elected. Council Members give their time voluntarily.

Should you wish to contact a member of Council or if you are interested in standing yourself, please do not hesitate to contact the Society office.

President:  Mr Simon Phillips (Devon)

President Elect:                Mr David Martin (Devon)

Imm Past President:       Mr John Stanbury (Devon)

Chairman:                          Mr Gavin Hunter (Any Other Counties)


Mr Ricky Atkins                 (Somerset)

Mr John Barker                 (Somerset)

Mrs Bridgette Clamp       (Cornwall)

Mrs Juliet Cleave              (Cornwall)

Mr Michael Cowell          (Devon)

Mr Henry Dart                  (Devon)

Mrs Margaret Elliot         (Somerset)

Mr Robert Florey              (Other Counties)

Mr Roy Gove                     (Other Counties)

Mr Tom Hooper               (Other Counties)

Miss Rebecca Hurd          (Somerset)                        

Mr Andrew Lane              (Devon)

Mr John May                     (Devon)

Mr Rob May                      (Devon)

Mrs Grania Phillips           (Devon)

Mrs Lisa Roper                  (Other Counties)

Mr Jeff Thomas                (Cornwall)

Mr Richard Youngman   (Devon)